Here are some questions that you may have about Sadhana Nritya Sangeet Vidyalaya and Guru Shashilata Guptaji.

Do you teach Bollywood dance?

Guru Shashiji: Yes and no. Since all dance forms are connected, one must learn to capture the rhythm of the music, maintain the balance of the body and dance freely as one wishes to dance. This is what I teach my students through the Classical Dance form. Even Madhuri Dixit is a classical Kathak dancer and Hema Malini a Bharatnatyam dancer.

Can I learn 3 or 4 things at the same time?

Guru Shashiji: Yes, certainly! The mind absorbs all that you feed into it. Learning several musical arts simultaneously is no impediment to the learning process. It, in fact, compliments the learning of the different art forms. Hence I vigorously encourage my students to explore and learn different classical music and dances. The timings in our institute can be adjusted accordingly so that a student can learn the different art forms one after another in one visit. I am glad to offer private tuitions if students are interested in learning several things and gain enough dedicated attention and vital experience from me.


9 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I would like to teach singing to my daugter where can i go in mulund seeking your advise

  2. Many many happy returns of the day on 18th July 2011, Shashilataji is wonderful person to be with and learn from her is really a good opportunity in our life. Thank you for being my guruji.And belated happy Guru poornima.

  3. Wonderful Job… I will spread the word so that the students can take benefits from the classes. You have given the message to all that even in less time and with hectic daily life schedules people can learn in less time and do wonders.

  4. I was learning music & dance from past 12 years. My guru, Mrs. Shashilata Gupta , is the most dedicated & sincere teacher. Once she is committed to a job, she completes it by hook or by crook. She is very encouraging & helped me boost my confidence. She is a perfectionist & brings the best & out of her students & i feel honoured to be trained under her.

  5. I am a student of Mrs. Shashilata Gupta & have been learning Hindustani classical (Vocal) under her guidance for last one & half month. She has always been dedicated to her job & this is seen through her hardwork. She provides personal attention irrespective a no. of students in her batch. Though i was a beginner level, she is very patient with me. Knowing that i had to learn evrything from scratch. She provides extra knowledge than the contents of the syllabus. It gives me pleasure learning music under her guidance.

  6. Hello… I am a non-dancer and would like to learn Kathak. Is it possible to learn on Saturday and Sunday as I am working. I stay in Kalyan. So kindly let me know the day and time when i can meet you. And also send me your academy address with landmarks. Thanking you in advance.

  7. Hello…mujhe Singing nhi aati par jab se me ne mere guru se sikhna shuru kiya h tab se mujhe lagne laga h everything is possible…..

  8. Me Bata nhi sakti k wo mere liye kya hai…..
    par khud pe grve hota h k mujhe unse sikhne ka moka Mila hai..

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