6 distinctions after a fast course

6 students of Sadhana Nritya Sangeet Vidyalaya have done a marvelous job by completing 3 years course in Kathak Nritya and Hindustani Classical Music in just 1 year.

Guru Shashilata Gupta (Principal S.N.S.V.) kept her word with her students and not only trained them to the best of their capabilities but also helped them pass in their respective subjects with distinction. Our heartly congratulation to all the students.

  1. Cheryl Mentenio got – 82.4% in Hindustani Classical Music.
  2. Reema Kantak got 75.4% in the Hindustani Classical Music.
  3. Meeta Upadhyay got 76.8% in Kathak Dance.
  4. Nikita Iyer got 76% in Kathak Dance.
  5. Ruchika Iyer got 75.2% in Kathak Dance.
  6. Mariska Logo got 75% in Kathak Dance.

One thought on “6 distinctions after a fast course

  1. wow! its a wonderful job, congratulations mam, i will spread the words so people can take benefit from u. u have given the massage to the students that if they have less time then also they can do wonders.only concentrate in your work.

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